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What is a family office and how does it work?

What is a family office and how does it work? Publicado: 13-07-2023

What is a family office? How does a family office work? What does a family office do? From Gentile Law, expert lawyers in commercial law and expert lawyers in advising companies, we explain in this article everything you need to know about a family office.


What is a family office?

What is a family office and how does it work? A family office is a private financial institution that offers specialized wealth management and comprehensive advisory services, tailored to manage, and protect the financial resources of families, with the aim of passing them on to future generations.

What does a family office?  By establishing a family office, planning, investment and legal advice services are brought together to ensure the protection and growth necessary to provide peace of mind and comfort to the family.


What are the functions of a family office?

How does a family office work? At Gentile Law, lawyers who are experts in providing legal advice to Spanish and foreign companies, the main functions and services provided by a family office are as follows:

  • Investment management: one of the main functions of a family office is to manage the family`s financial assets. These may include investments in stocks, bonds, real estate, mutual funds, and other financial instruments. The family office is responsible for diversifying investments and seeking favorable returns, considering the family`s objectives and risk profile.


  • Wealth planning: proper wealth planning and structuring are essential for wealthy families. Family offices are therefore a great tool, as they provide expert advice on the creation of legal and financial structures to ensure tax efficiency and continuity of the family legacy. This can involve the creation of companies, the creation of inheritance trusts, succession planning and inheritance management.


  • Accounting and administration services: another of the main functions of a family office is to management and monitoring of the family`s financial documentation. This includes preparation of financial reports, management of payments, control of assets and liabilities, and other aspects related to financial administration. It provides a comprehensive approach to maintaining a clear and accurate picture of the family`s financial situation.



  • Advice on philanthropy: many families feel the desire to contribute to society through philanthropic activities. In this regard, Family Offices can help families design and execute charitable projects, as well as manage foundations or endowments. They provide strategic guidance to maximize the positive impact of philanthropic activities.


What are the advantages of having a family office?

What are the advantages of a family office? Here are some of the main benefits of having a family office:

  • Personalization and holistic approach: A family office focuses on the specific needs and objectives of each family. It provides personalized services tailored to the family`s particular circumstances, both in terms of investment management and estate planning. This holistic approach ensures that all relevant financial and legal areas are addressed in a coordinated and coherent manner.


  • Professional wealth management: family offices are generally composed of a group of highly qualified and experienced wealth management professionals. Another advantage of having a family office is that they manage the family`s financial assets in an efficient and diversified manner, seeking favorable returns and minimizing risks. Professional wealth management helps to protect and grow the family`s financial resources.


  • Tax planning and efficient structuring: A family office offers tax and legal advice to help the family optimize its wealth structure and minimize the tax burden. Through appropriate tax strategies and the use of appropriate legal vehicles, tax benefits can be maximized and efficiency in asset management can be ensured.


  • Generational continuity: One of the key aspects of a family office is to ensure continuity of wealth across generations. These entities are designed to facilitate successful wealth transfer by implementing succession plans, legal structures and investment strategies that ensure the preservation of the family legacy.


  • Confidentiality and privacy: Family offices are committed to the confidentiality and privacy of the families they serve. They provide a secure and discreet environment for wealth management, protecting the family`s financial and personal information.


Why have family offices emerged? Family offices have emerged as a highly attractive option for wealthy families. By working closely with specialized professionals, these families can preserve and grow their wealth, ensuring the continuity of their legacy across generations.

What is a family office? How does a family office work? At Gentile Law, we are experts in tax advice and are committed to providing you with the necessary support in the planning, establishment and tax management of your family office.

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