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Portugal Entrepreneur Visa & Residence Permit

What is the Portuguese Entrepreneur Visa & Residencia?

The Portuguese Entrepreneur Visa or Start Up Visa & Residence Permit which offers the possibility of acquiring a residence visa or residence permit to those entrepreneurs, over 18 years of age, foreigners without permanent residence in the Shenegen Area who intend to create or develop a business project with innovative characteristics in Portugal.


What are the benefits of the  Portuguese Entrepreneur Visa & Residencia?

  • Right to work, study and live in Portugal
  • Free movement within the Schengen area (26 countries)
  • Possibility of acquiring permanent residency after 5 years.
  • Possibility of acquiring Portuguese nationality
  • Extension of these rights to your family members

Key Data Portugal

  • Requires a business plan
  • Allows to live, work in Spain and travel throughout the EU, for the applicant and his family
  • Access to citizenship
  • Extension of these rights to family members
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What are the main requirements for the Portuguese Entrepreneur Visa & Residencia?

Business plan

Business plan, justifying the innovative nature of the business.

Up to 5 people

Within this probram, up to 5 people can apply as tntrepreneurs, all of whom must inividually meet the requirements such as being of legal age, not having a criminal record, not residing in the Schengen Area and proving the their personal contribution to the business in essential for its development.

Proof of financial means

Proof of sufficient financial means to support themselves and their family members in Portugal.

What is the procedure to acquire the Portuguese Entrepreneur Visa & Residencia?

1 Interest of incubator company

In the first stage it is necessary to demostrate the interest of at least one incubator company with which the characteristics and competences of the project coincide by oataining the declaration of interest, accrediting the innovative nature of the projet, growth potential, prospect of establishing in Portugal, etc.

2 Application evaluation

In the second stage of the procedure, the Portuguese Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (LAPMEI) evaluates the application and may request additional elements.

3 Visa application

After the agency's favorable decision, entrepreneurs must formalize the incubation contract and the proceed to apply for a visa or residence permit on a case-by-case basis.

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