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At Gentile Law we are specialists in Inheritance Law tax planning, that have both Spanish and international aspects.

We accompany and assist our clients through all the steps of the succession procedure.

We guide the client through the different processes covered by Inheritance Law

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Sucessions Services

Will, trusts and probate Succession procedures with or without a will legal representation, negotiation and conflict resolution in succession matters declaration of heirs Acceptance and distribution of inheritance, either privately or judicially Search, identification and revovery of inheritance assets advisory on legal actions in defense of inheritance rights succesSion of property in Spanish territory belonging to foreign persons gifts, donations taxations auxiliary procedures

Inheritance and Gift Tax

Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning

In Gentile Law, we are specialists in designing and setting up legal structures for the protection, growth and management of our client's wealth. We ensure that children and grandchildren inherit assets in a manner consistent with the clients' wishes, while minimizing the taxes incurred when transferring such wealth.

Thanks to our language skills and knowledge in International Law, we are uniquely qualified to assist foreigners, residents and non-residents, seeking to secure the transfer of their assets in an particular manner or inheriting an asset in Spanish territory. We also take care, with the maximum tax guarantees, of capital repatriation as a result of an inheritance or succession.

We focus on providing efficient and agile solutions, facilitating the difficult probate process and ensuring the preservation of the estate for future generations.

Inheritance Law with an International Element


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