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Portuguese Golden Visa & Residence permit

What is the Portuguese Golden visa & Residence Permit?

The Portuguese Golden Visa is a residence authorization for non -EU, EEA or Swiss foreign citizens who have made a significant investment in Portugal


What are the benefits of the Portuguese Golden visa & Residence Permit?

  • Right to reside, work and study in Portugal
  • Free movement within the Schengen area (26 countries)
  • No effective or fiscal residence required
  • Possibility of acquiring European permanent residency after 5 years
  • Possibility of acquiring Portuguese citizenship after 6 years
  • Fast processing (3 months)
  • Extension of these rights to your family members

Key Data Portugal

  • Requires an investment
  • Allows to live, work in Portugal and travel throughout the EU for the applicant and his family
  • Doesn't require living in Portugal
  • Access to citizenship
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What are the main requirements for the  Portuguese Golden visa & Residence Permit?


The realization of an investment that complies with one of the following assumptions:

  • Real Estate: purchase and sale of real estate worth from 280.000 € in locations with low population density. Residential properties in Lisbon, Porto or on the coast do not qualify. Properties with commercial or industrial purposes would qualify for the application.
  • Investment of 500.000 € in a Private Equity Fund.
  • Investment of 1,5 million €  in a Bank Deposit or Sovereign Bonds.
  • Company: founding a company creating a minimum of 10 jobs or investment from 500.000 € in an existing Portuguese business, creating at least 5 new jobs.
  • Donation: investment from 250.000 € for the purpose of preserving national heritage, or for research and developed activity.
Bank account

Bank account in a Portuguese Bank

Minimum stay

Minimum stay to guarantee the renewal of the visa:

  • First year: minimum residence in Portugal of 7 days, renewing the residence permit ant the end of the period.
  • Second ant third year: minimum residence in Portugal of 7 days for each year, renewing the residence permit at the end of the period.
  • Fourth to fifth year: minimum residence in Portugal of 7 days for each year. At the end of the fifth year you may apply for European permanent residence and after the sixth year, Portuguese citizenship.

What is the procedure to acquire the Portuguese Golden visa & Residence Permit?

1 NIF, Bank Account, and investment

First you will need to obtain a NIF number and open a bank account in Portugal. Once this step is completed, the invetment can be finalized.

2 Application

Secondly, the application must be submitted to the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) together with the required documentation.

3 Biometric Data

Thirdly, up to six months later, you must attend an appointment to have your biometric data taken. The Administration will have a period of 4 months to resolve the visa application. Once resolved, you will receive your Golden Visa Card.

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