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Italian Golden Visa

What is the Italian Golden Visa?

The Italian Golden Visa is a residence authorization addressed to non-EU, EEA or Swiss foreign citizens who have made a significatn investment in the country.


What are the benfits of the  Italian Golden Visa?

  • Possibility to work, study and reside in Italy
  • Free movement within the Schengen area (26 countries)
  • Possibility of acquiring European permanent residence after 5 years
  • Possibility of acquiring the Italian nationality
  • Extension of these rights to your family members

Key Data Italy

  • Requires an investment
  • Allows to live, work in Italy and travel throughout the EU for the applicant and his family.
  • doesn't require living in Italy
  • Access to citizenship
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What are  the main requirements for the  Italian Golden Visa?


The realization of an investment tha meets one of the following assumptions:

  • Entrepreneurship: from 250.000€ in an innovative Italian Startup company with growth potential.
  • Entrepreneurship: from 500.000 € in capital in an Italian company already constituted.
Professional Qualification

Professional qualification, in the case of opting for either of two options. Experience in business or investment management must be demostrated

Proof of financial mains

Sufficient income to live in the country, both for the applicant and his / her family members, if included in the application.

What is the procedure to acquire the Italian Golden Visa?

1 Meeting evaluation committee

First, after filling in the corrsponding form indicating your personal data and providing the necessary documentation, ammeting with the evaluation commiteess will be held.

2 Pay the fee

Secondly, in the case that the company or entity agrees with the investment, it will be necessary to go to the Embassy for the payment of the corresponding administrative fee. The value of this fee will vary according to the number of family members included in the application. If the visa is granted, the embassy will attach the visa to the passport.

3 Temporary residence permit

Finally, once in Italian Territory, within 8 days after arrival, the temporary residence permit must be requested, which will be granted for 2 years.

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