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Spanish Entrepreneur Visa & Residence

¿What is the Spanish Entrepreneur Visa & Residence?

The Spanish Entrepreneur Visa & Residence Permit is a residence permit granted to foreigners who want to develop an entrepreneurial activity, with an innovative character and of general interest.


What are the benefits of the Spanish Entrepreneur Visa & Residence?

  • Right to reside and work in Spain
  • Free movement within the Schengen area (26 countries)
  • Possibility of obtaining Spanish nationality
  • Fast application processing times (20 working days)
  • Possibility to apply from Spain
  • Renewable for consecutive periods of 2 years
  • Extension of these rights for your family members

Key Data Spain

  • Requires an Business plan
  • Allows to live, work in Spain and travel throughout the EU for the applicatn and his family
  • Fast application processing times (20 working days)
  • Acces to citizenship
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What are the main requirements for the Spanish Entrepreneur Visa & Residence?

Business plan

The business plan must included:

  • Professional profile of the applicant
  • Activity to be developed
  • Jobs to be created and their requirements
Medical insurance

Private medical insurance with the same coverage as Spanish public health system.

Proof of financial means

Proof of sufficient financial means to stay in Spain.

What is the procedure to acquire the Spanish Entrepreneur Visa & Residence?

1 Application submission

The first step will be the elaboration of the business plan according to the requirements demanded by the legislation, followed by the issuance of a favorable report issued by the Economic and Commercial Office of the Embassy of your country.

2 Administration Response

The administration will have a period of 10 working days to verify all the documentation provided and decide on the application.


The third step consists of the fingerprinting and application for the Foreigner Identification Card (TIE)

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