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Golden Visa Spain

What is the spanish Golden Visa or Investment Visa & Residence Permit?

The Spanish Golden Visa is a visa that offers the possibility of obtaining a residence and work authorization in Spain. It is intended for foreign citizens from outside the EU, EEA or Switzerland who have made a significant investment in Spain.


What are the benefits of the Spanish Golden Visa & Residence Permit?

  • Right to reside, work and study in Spain.
  • Free movement within the Schengen area (27 countries)
  • No effective or fiscal residence in Spain required.
  • Possibility of obtaining permanent residence.
  • Possibility of obtaining Spanish nationality
  • Fast application processing times (20 working days)
  • Possibility to apply from Spain
  • Renewable for consecutive periods of 5 years
  • Extension of these rights to family members

Key Data Spain

  • Requires an investment
  • Allows to live, work in Spain and travel throughout the EU, for the applicant and his family
  • Doesn't requiere living in Spain
  • Access to citizenship
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What are the main requirements for the Spanish Golden Visa & Residence Permit?


Making an investment that meets any of the following assuptions:

  • Real Estate:  purchase and sale of real estate for a value of 500.000€
  • Business capital: investment of 1 million euros in shares or stock in Spanish companies with a real business activity.
  • Investment funds: investment of 1 million euros with investment funds, close-end investment funds, or venture capital funds incorporated in Spain.
  • Bank: investment of 1 million euros in bank deposits in Spanish financial institutions.
Medical Inssurance

Private medial insurance with the same coverage as the Spanish public health system.

Proof of financial means

Proof of sufficient financial means to stay in Spain.

What is the procedure for acquiring the Spanish Golden Visa & Residence Permit?

1 Application Submission

Firstly, the visa application must be submitted to the Spanish Consulate in the country of origin or to the Large Companies Unit in Spain. A vis will be granted for one year, with which you will be able to apply for residence, or for two years if done directly when in Spain.

2 Administrations Response

The Administration Should respond within 20 workings days


The foreigner's identity card (TIE) must be obtained.

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