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Do you want to travel with your pet in Europe?

Do you want to travel with your pet in Europe? Publicado: 23-01-2024

Emnarking on a journey with pets can be a rewarding experience, but navigating the complexities of pet transportation, especially in Europe, requires careful planning and compliance with specific regulations. In this article, we will explore the essential requirements and steps to smoothly travel with pets across European borders. 

How to travel with your pet to a European Union country? 

We will now examine the European Union regulations that govern the requirements for traveling with pets to another EU country. This same regulation applies when traveling to a EU country from a non-EU country or territory. 

As a fundamental premise, pets can travel with their owners to another EU country or from a non-EU country to an EU country, as long as they meet the following requirements: 

Have a transponder, commonly known as a "chip", implanted (in accordance with EU legislation on the movement of pets) or have a clearly readable tattoo applied before July 3, 2021. 

  1. Have been vaccinated against rabies
  2. Have undergone treatment for intestinal parasites if their destination is Finland, Ireland, Malta, Norway, or Northern Ireland. 
  3. Have a valid European pet passport when traveling from an EU country or from Northern Ireland. Specifications below. 
  4. Process a EU zoosanitary certificate when travelling from a non-EU country. Specifications below. 

What is the European Pet Passport? 

The European pet passport is one of the essential documents for traveling between EU countries with pets. This document contains the description and data of the pet, such as the transponder/chip code or tattoo, as well as the record of rabies vaccinations and contact details of the owner and the veterinarian who issued the passport. 

The EU pet passport is only issued for dogs,cats, and ferret. In the case of traveling with other pets, such as birds, ornamental aquantic animals, reptiles, rodents, or rabbits, it is necessary to check the national legsilation of each country to be entered. 

Who can issue the European pet passport? 

Any veterinarian authorized by the competent authorities of each country can issue the European pet passport.

What is the validity of the European pet passport?

The pet passport is valid as long as the pet`s rabies vaccination is up to date. 

What is the EU Zoosanitary Certificate? 

An EU Zoosanitary Certificate is an essential document for those traveling with their pet from a non-EU country. This certificate contains specific information about the pet and is closely related to the passport explained above. 

Who can issue the EU Zoosanitary Certificate?

If you want to travel to the EU from a non-EU country, your pet must have an EU Zoosanitary Certificate issued by an official veterinarian in the country of origin, a maximum of 10 days before arrival in Europe. Consulates of EU member countries have lists of veterinarians authorized to issue this certificate. 

What is the validity of the EU Zoosanitary Certificate? 

The certificate is valid for 4 months from the date of issue or until the rabies vaccine expires. 

How many animals can you travel with? 

The maximum number contemplated by European regulations is 5 pets unless they participate in a competition or contest and are over 6 months old. 

Can pets travel in the cabin, or should they be in the airplane`s cargo hold? 

The answer to this question varies depending on the airline. Some airlines allow small animals to travel in the cabin within a bag or carrier (such as Air Europa, Air France, Iberia, Norwegian, for example), while others only permit travel in the cargo hold. 

You must reserve a spot in advance, as each flight has a maximum number of allowed pets, and typically, a ticket must be purchased for the animal. 

At Gentile Law, we have a team of professionals specialized in European regulations that govern pet transportation. From documentation to transportation options, we are dedicated to simplifying the process and ensuring that both owners and pets enjoy a hassle-free journey. 

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