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Spanish Citizenship by Residence, Gateway to Europe

Spanish Citizenship by Residence, Gateway to Europe Publicado: 14-03-2024

How to obtain Spanish citizenship by residence? What requirements are needed to acquire Spanish citizenship by residence? How long does it take to obtain Spanish citizenship by residence? 

At Gentile Law; experts in nationality processing; we provide you with all the necessary information to understand and obtain Spanish citizenship by residence. 

What does Spanish citizenship by residence entail? 

Spanish citizenship by residence is one of the most accesible ways to obtain nationality, simply by legally residing in Spain for the required period. Regulated by the Civil Code and Royal Decree 1004/2015, this process offers the opportunity to easily and efficiently obtain a European passport. 

What benefits come with obtaining Spanish citizenship by residence? 

Acquiring Spanish citizenship by residence brings various benefits, including: 

  • Holding the third-best passport in the world
  • Enjoying unresitrcted access to the Schengen Area
  • Working, studying, and residing in any European Union country 
  • Access to pensions and one of the world`s best healthcare systems

How long is it necessary to live in Spain leglly to apply for Spanish citizenships by residence? 

To acquire Spanish citizenship by residence, the general rule requires the foreign applicant to have resided continously in Spain for at least 10 yeats. However, there are exceptions that reduce this period, such as: 

  • 5 years for refugees
  • 2 years for nationals of certain countries (Ibero-Americans, Filipinos or Protuguese)
  • 1 year in specific cases, such as spouses of Spanish citizens, children of Spanish citizens, those born in Spanish territory, among others

What are the requirements for obtaining Spanish citizenship by residence? 

The key requirements for applying for citizenship by residence are: 

  • Having a valid passport
  • Maintaining cotinuous residence in Spain: proving legal residence during the required perios (10, 5, 2, or 1 year, depending on the case)
  • Having legal residence in Spain: possessing a valid residence permit during the time lived in Spain. It is essential to note that a Study Visa is not a residence permit, so the time spent in the country with this visa does not count towards citizenship eligibility
  • No criminal record: having no ciriminal records in the home country or in Spain 
  • Passing two exams: successfully completing the DELE (Spanish A2) and CCSE (constitutional and sociocultural knowledge) exams conducted by the Cervantes Institute

How to apply for Spanish citizenship by residence? 

The application process involves submitting the request electronically or in person. It is recommended to submit the application through the Bar Association, significantly reducing processing times. This alternative was created to expedite nationality application processes under the agreement signed between the General Council of Spanish Lawyers and the Minsitry of Justice. 

Once notified of the nationality grant, the process must be completed with the Oath at the corresponding Civil Registry according to the applicant`s domicile, within a maximum period of 6 months from the notification date. 

Alternatively, due to the lack of appointments in Spanish Civil Registries, the Oath can be taken before a Notary Public, and it will be the notary who sends the oath to the Civil Registry for processing.

At Gentile Law, we take pride in having advised clients from over 15 countries on the application for Spanish citizenships by residence. Our team of professionals, experts in the field, ensures our clients safe and efficient processes. This efficiency stems from the team`s extensice experience in such procedures, providing you with the confidence needed to achieve your goal of obtaining Spanish citizenship. 

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