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Portuguese Nationality by Sephardic Origin: unparalleled opportunity

Portuguese Nationality by Sephardic Origin: unparalleled opportunity Publicado: 25-01-2024

What is the Portuguese Nationality by Sephardic Origin? 

Portuguese Nationality by Sephardic Origin is a unique and distinctive path allowing descendants of Sephardic Jews to obtain one of the most prestigious citizenships globally. 

This opportunity allows those who can trace their roots to the Sephardic community to acquire Portuguese citizenship, presenting an exceptional chance. Notably, there are no restrictions on applying for Nationality by Sephardic Origin. It is open to grandchildren of Sephardic Jews, as well as those who can trace their Sephardic ancestry back 20 generations. 

What are the benefits of the Portuguese Nationality be Sephardic Origin? 

Acquiring Portuguese nationality by sephardic origin extends beyond obtaining a passport. This exceptional opportunity comes with a range of benefits, enhancing the attractiveness of the process: 

  1. Access to the European Union: portuguese nationality provides unrestricted access to European Union countries, facilitating free movement and residence in all member states (27 countries). 
  2. Valuable passport: the Portuguese passport is recognized as one of the most valuable globally, affording its holders greater ease of travel and living in Europe.
  3. Educational and professional opportunities: as a Portuguese citizen, new educational and professional opportunities arise, including access to renowned educational institutions and job prospects in both Portugal and the European Union. 
  4. Quality healthcare: Portugal boasts a high-quality healthcare system. Obtaining nationality grants access to world-class healthcare services. 
  5. Legacy for future generations: portuguese nationality can be passed down to future generations, providing a valuable legacy for descendants to also enjoy these benefits. 

These are just a few of the benefits that make obtaining Portuguese nationality by Sephardic Origin a unique and valuable opportunity. 

How to determine Sephardic Origin for portuguese nationality application? 

The initial step involves analyzing the genology of each applicant to ascertain Spehardic origin, following the criteria of the Jewish Communities of Portugal. At Gentile Law, we have a team of historians and genealogists experts in this field, capable of evaluating genealogies to determine eligibility for Nationality by Sephardic Origin. 

Current possibility of applying for Portuguese Nationality bu Sephardic Origin: 

While Portuguese law has undergone changes in recent years, authorities have demonstrated a clear willingness to facilitate applications through this route. Last December, the Oporto Court (TAFP) ordered the Civil Registry to continue administrative procedures for granting portuguese nationality without requiring evidence of an objective link to Portugal. In the spirit of reopening the possibility of applying for nationality without restrictions, President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has asked the Consitutional Court to delcare the need for an objective link to Portugal unconstitutional. 

With the Oporto Court`s ruling and the President`s request, a new opportunity could arise for those with Sephardic Origins to apply for nationality simply, as was the case before September 2022. 

At Gentile Law, we comprehend the importance and significance of obtaining Portuguese Nationality by Sephardic Origin. Our team of experts has assisted over 1.500 clients from more than 15 countries with their nationality applications. Our experince and commitment to excellence have established us as leaders in advising on Portuguese nationality applications based on Spehardic origin. 

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