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The new digital certificate application by videoconference

The new digital certificate application by videoconference Publicado: 22-06-2023

The increased digitalization and streamlining of Internet processes have not left anyone indifferent. The "Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (FNMT)" has taken a step further, allowing the Digital Certificate to be obtained quickly, securely, and without transferring. Gentile Law tells you everything you need to know about this new process. 

(i) The digital certificate

The digital certificate is the means of identification for natural and legal persons that allows them to carry out transactions with the Spanish Government. For legal entities, the digital certificate is compulsory since they are incorporated. 

Foreign entities may also apply for it by providing the same documentation as Spanish entities, attaching the "Hague Apostille" (no less than 3 months old) or in terms required by the corresponding country for the type of entity in question, as well as a sworn translation of the documentation. Likewise, a third party may act on behalf of the applicant, or an attorney-in-fact appointed by means of a notarized abd apostilled power of attorney. 

The Order ETD/465/202 of May 6 contains all the conditions and requirements for this new implementation. With this regulation, the Spanish Government has now complied with "eIDAS", which is the European system for the recognition of electronic identities. 

(ii) Steps to follow 

1. Apply for the Digital Certificate through the FNMT`s electronic office. Once you have filled in the data (DNI, Name and surname and e-mail), you will receive an application code in your e-mail. It should be written down or remembered because it will be needed later for the final download of the certificate. 

2. Providing identity with the new videoconferencing system saves a considerable amount of time. Before, the identification had to be done in person at authorized offices. Now, to initiate remote video identification, the applicant will have to enter a series of data into the system, including the mobile phone where a QR code will be displayed to activate the camera. Once the camera is turned on, the ID card must be shown front and back. Then, the bifacial recognition begins, in which the applicant will be asked to show his/her face from different angles. 

3. Finally, once the agent verifies the identity, a notification will be sent by e-mail to enable the download of the certificate. 

At Gentile Law, advisors to national and foreign investors, we understand the importance of obtaining the digital certificate for the daily operations of individuals and companies. This novelty will significantly speed up the process of obtaining the digital certificate and will make the entry of foreign investments in Spain more efficient. 

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