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Long-Term Residence Permit: the Passport to a stable life in Europe

Long-Term Residence Permit: the Passport to a stable life in Europe Publicado: 26-02-2024

The Long-Term Residence Permit is the Key to living in Europe for an extended period. This authorization, outlined in Organic Law 4/2000, is specifically designed for foreign citizens who have enjoyed life in Spain continuously for five years. 

What are the benefits of the Long-Term Residence Permit in Europe? 

The Long-Term Residence Permit offers a unique stability by providing the opportunity to live permanently in European territory. After renewing the residence permit twice, access to this card becomes possible during the third renewal, allowing individuals to enjoy the long-term benefits of life in Europe. 

This card is renewed every 5 years, emphasizing its commitment to continuity and security for those who have contributed to Spanish society. 

What are the requirements for applying for the Long-Term Residence Permit? 

Obtaining the Long-Term Residence Permit is subject to meeting specific requirements established by Organic Law 4/2000 and Royal Decree 557/2011, including:

  • Having legally and continously resided in Spanis territory for 5 years
  • Residing for 5 continuous years in a European Union country as the holder of a Blue EU Card, provided that the two years immediately preceding the residency application date were in Spain
  • Being a resident benficiary of a retirement pension or contributory disability 
  • Being a resident in Spain, born in the country, and having legally and continuously resided for three consecutives years immediately before reaching adulthood
  • Having been of Spanish origin and having list Spanish nationality 
  • Being a resident in Spain and reaching adulthood under the guardianship of a Spanish public entity for five consecutive years
  • Being stateless, a refugee, or a beneficiary of subsidiary protection, being in Spanish territory, and having been granted the respective status in Spain
  • Contributing notably to the economic, scientific, or cultural progress of Spain

Can the Long-Term Residence Permit be lost? 

While the Long-Term Residence Permit grants stable residency, it is crucial to consider circumstances that may lead to its extinction, such as: 

  • Fraudulent acquisition of the authorization
  • Absence from national territory for a period of 12 months
  • Issuance of an expulsion order
  • Acquisition of long-term-residence-EU in other EU member state
  • Revocation of international protection in another EU member state

Understanding these aspects is fundamental to ensuring a seamless living experience in Europe.

How can the Long-Term Residence Permit be obtained? 

Once the required years of legal and continous residence in Spain for each specific case are met, the application for the Long-Term Residence Permit must be submitted to the Foreigners` Office of the province where the applicant resides or through the digital platform. The required documents are then presented for evaluation by immigration authorities. 

When deciding to embark on the Long-Term Residence Permit application process in Europe, having the support of specialized progessionals can make a significant difference. At Gentile Law, we understand the importance of this significant step, and that`s why we have a team of experts dedicated to making the process more efficient and secure for our clients. 

At Gentile Law, we offer: 

  • Specialized experience in the field of Long-Term Residence
  • Personalized advice tailored to the needs of each client
  • Agility and efficiency at every step of the process
  • Peace of mind and confidence for clients, knowing they have a team of experts overseeing the process

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