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Employment Law

In Gentile Law we offer a high quality labor and employment counseling service according to the particularities of each case. Our services consist of legal-labor advice to national and multinational companies and individuals, offering maximum versatility and specialty.

We guide the client through the different processes covered  by Employment Law

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Senior Management

Contracts, special covenants, shielding and non-competition clauses, embedding in the organizational structure of the company, etc.

We not only advise on the structuring of international mobility, but also on the management and contingencies of expatriation and social security at origin and destination.

Global Mobility

Cross-border human resources.

Health and Safety

Management of occupational risk prevention

Counseling on the rules and practices of litigation and appeals, both in the social and contentious-administrative areas. We also deal with any extrajudicial means of dispute resolution and advice on procedural acts of trial and appeals, in the social and contentious-administrative orders.

Labor Disputes

Social Security

Advice on the registration of workers, administrators and external collaborators in the corresponding regime and on the fulfillment of social security contribution obligations and eventual derivations of liability for debts of other companies (contracts, company successions).

Artists and professional sportsmen and women, maternity/paternity, leaves of absence, temporary disability, etc.

Specific Employee Situations


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