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I Have Finished my Studies...Now What?

I Have Finished my Studies...Now What? Publicado: 25-10-2022

Many students face this situation after summer vacations have ended and it may not be easy to know where to start and what step should be taken next. 

At Gentile Law, we are familiar to this situation since we advise hundreds of students every year, helping them either to start their journey in Spain at an educational institution, either helping them to stay and enter the Spanish employment market. 

In this occasion, we will focus on those students who have finished their studies and are happily returning to their homes in Spain wondering what to do next. 

First thing to figure out to make a decision is to be sure about the period of validity of your residence card, since this will determine the chance of applying for a residence permit that allows you to work. 

What if my residence card has expired? 

Most of you find yourselves with an expired residence card and might believe there is no option for you to stay in Spain longer than what the residence card allows you to. You certainly would have to renew your residence card but the options available might be more accesible for you than those which recquire having an employment contract. 

  • Student Visa renewal

If you are not finished with your current studies in Spain or you would like to deepen your knowledge in the field, you always have the option to renew your student visa. 

It is always advisable to do so while your permit is in force-since 60 days before-but it is also possible to do it after its vailidty has finished up until 90 days after the expiry date. Once you are enrolled in the course of your choice, we advise you to make sure you have all the necessary documentation in force and we can telematically submit the application on your behalf, taking care of the process all along. 

The renewal process` period of resolution may vary depending on the location where the educational institution is located in as the competent authorities defer, but as long as the applciation has been submitted in due time and force the process will not stop you from continuing with your plans.

Once the permit has been granted we will book the appointments for the fingerprinting and collection of your brand new Foreigners Residence Card-the well know "TIE" in Spanish-

  • Job Search Visa 

Another option is available for those of you who would like to leave behind you the life of a student and introduce yourselves into the employment market. However, it is not an easy goal to achieve every time and some of you may find it harde to find the correct and most suitable job position on your first try.

That being said, the Job Search Visa might be the alternative you are looking for as it is a residence permit created for exactly this type of situation. 

You can also apply for this permit 60 days before & up until 90 days after the expiry date of your current student visa and we will submit the application by electronic means on your behalf without it being necessary for you to personally intervene in the process until the very last steps related to the new residence card you will obtain. 

Additionally, the process is much easier and the period of resolution is undeniably shorter as the Administration has 20 working days to issue a decision and even if they do not respond on time, it is understood the permit has been granted. 

All of this means that after compiling the necessary documentation we can start booking the fingerprinting appointment after approximately 1 month after the application`s submission. 

Lastly, the Job Search Visa will allow you to reside in Spain after 1 year-non extendable or renewable-to look for the appropriate job position for you having the chance to change it into the corresponding working permit during that year. 

In case your student visa has not expired yet and/or you have found a job opportunity during your 1 year residence with the Job Search Visa, then the next thing to take into consideration is the type of contract your future employer offers you since this will allow you to take one path or the another. 

At Gentile Law we can guide you to consider all the possibilities to legally stay in Spain to start your professional career. We will be delighted to help and assist you throughout the entire process. 


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