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I Have Finished my Studies...Now What? (Part II)

I Have Finished my Studies...Now What? (Part II) Publicado: 27-10-2022

 If you are one of the students whose visa expires this year, you are probablt at the point where you are looking to the future to determine what you´re going to do next. This process can become difficult and taxing, which is why we at Gentile Law advise hundred of students every year, so that achieving their goals results all the easier. 

We have spoken about the procedures to renew your Student Visa and also how to apply for a Job Search Visa in case you have finished your studies, but haven´t yet received a job offer. On this occasion we will focus on the opportunities to remain in Spain when you have already received an offer, and the many modalities through which you may request a work permit. 


  • Residence authroization for Professional or Academic Internships 

If in the last two years you received a Univeristy or Master´s Degree-whether ir be Artistic, Sports or of an Academic nature-and you have received the offer to Intern in a private or public entity, you may petition for this type of residence permit. It is always advisable to do so while your permit is in force-since 60 days before-but it is also possible to do it after its vailidty has finished up until 90 days after the expiry date. 

Depending on whether you apply for this permit through an Academic Agreement or through an Internship Contract, the period for which you may apply will vary from 6 months up to 2 years of residence authorization. The terms of your request will also influence the documentation required in order to apply succesffully. 

At Gentile Law we can advise you on the specific requirements of this process and submit the application on your behalf, easing the process so that your effort may be minimal. Once the permis is granted, we will also book the necessary appointment so you may receive your residence card. 

  • Modification of Student Visa to Residence Permit through Work Contract

If you came to study in Spain and successfully concluded your academic courses and have received a job offer, this is the option for you. As a general requirement the student would have to prove that he has succesfully passed all classes, though the final thesis may be pending at the moment of submission. You would also need a signed contract from the employer, subject to the Labor Laws in the country. 

Even though the employer would have to initiate the proceedings, at Gentile Law we can advise all parties in the best course of action, and how to successfully complete the process, submitting the applications through electronic means, and simplifying the process overall. 

Once the request has been submitted, the Administration has 3 months to issea a resolution deciding on the request. After which we would proceed to book an appointment to obtain you Foreginers Residence Card (TIE), and even accompany you to thus in case you need the extra support. 

One of the positive points of this type of permit is that if you travelled with family members, they would also be allowed to join you for the period, through a family re-grouping procedure. 

  • Modification of Student Visa to Residence Permit of Highly Qualified Professionals

If as in the previous case, you travelled to Spain with a Student Visa and successfully finished said studies, one of the simplest procedures for receiving your work permit is as a Highly Qualified Prfoessional. 

As in the previous case, it is important to consider that to start off you would need a Job Offer, and that this offer must comply with specific requirements with regards to the position you would fill and the amount you would be paid. To be eligible to be considered a Highly Qualified Professional you would necessarily need to earn 40,077.00 euros a year, while if you were to receive a high-ranking management position, this would have to go up to 54,142.00 euros a year. 

However, with that in mind, if you meet these requirements the process for application can be simplifies by our assistance, and we would accompany you through thus, review the paperwork and sumbit the request telematically, avoiding you the hassle of personally appearing before the different official authorities. 

At Gentile Law we have a team of experts available to advise, support and carry forth any of these plan, which would allow you not only to remain legally in Spain, but also to embark on a successful professional journey. It would be our pleasure to accompany you through the process. 


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